Lights Pack for Corporate Trees

Add that extra bit of sparkle to your Christmas display with beautiful warm white LED fairy lights.  Light packs have been designed to ensure a good level of light coverage on any size tree, however all our packs are custom made so if you would like more lights simply talk with us and we can create a custom quote.

Any packs of 200 lights require 2 power points and all packs 300 -1000 lights require one power point.  For lights above 1000 we require 2 power points.

Packs comprise:

1.98m slim tree - 200 lights

1.98m tree - 200 lights

2.28m tree - 400 lights

2.59m tree - 700 lights

3.0m tree - 1,000 lights

3.6m tree - 1,500 lights

Tree Height