Christmas Tree Storage Bag

This multi purpose Christmas storage bag is perfect for any of our Christmas tree with hook on branches 2m and under.  Alternatively, use it for your garlands, or as a general Christmas storage bag.

It has heavy duty handles to ensure it carries the weight of your tree.

Larger Trees: if you have a larger tree with hook on branches (ie. the branches come off the central pole), you can choose to use 2 of these bags. (I do this with my 7.5ft Monarch as I find it much easier to carry the smaller sizes).  For customers with trees that have hinged branches (ie branches stay attached to the tree) we do carry larger bags so please see our other listings.

Special note: I keep one of these at home and use it as my spare suitcase when I travel.  It packs flat so doesn't take any room in my bag and it's a stronger polyester than anything else I've found for this purpose.

Dimensions: 120cm x 35 x 35cm