I love this product!! I was so tired of having to buy new Christmas paper each year because the paper I had kept from the previous Christmas was all creased...


A new elevated design that eliminates sagging. The oversided wheels raise the end of the storage bag to allow it to wheel more easily at less of an angle. This...


The Ornament Keeper is the perfect storage solution for your precious Christmas decorations. This year we have chosen the deluxe Ornament storage bag that has 3 trays for 72 x...

Christmas Storage

So many people overlook the need for reliable, easily-accessed Christmas storage facilities during the festive period, but at My Christmas, we understand just how important it can be to properly pack and unpack your ornaments and accessories ready for the celebrations.

From Christmas tree storage solutions, right through to ornament storage bags and much more in between – we’ll help you to keep your festive products safe and sound all year long in anticipation of the holiday period.